Once upon a time a man with a pen wrote with a pencil, the pen’s brother. The day that he used a pencil he lost all of his hair and became toe-less. The next day his virus spread throughout the village and made everyone toe-less. So he was kicked out of the village and they all shot rocks at him and called him a nothing less creature. So he started flying away with his hands with no hair, and no toes. When he arrived in the forest he a saw a bat and ate it for lunch. For dinner he ate a cactus, and for desert he just drank water. He survived his first night in the forest alone with no help of his old villagers, then he started building a house with his ears that were huge and in no time he built a big house. The next day he woke up and saw more bats he thought he could eat them but in the bats view that wanted revenge because he was the one who ate their bat friends. So all of the bats that were there at the time gathered up and got a prickle of a cactus and swung it at him, sooner or later he realized what was going on and started running away from them but the bats were so fat and fast that they all caught up and sat on him for a couple of minutes until he suffocated. Soon the bats started to eat the man just like he ate their bat friends.