Dog and ham

One day there was a dog that loved to eat ham. For this dogs birthday he went to go eat ham. Today is his birthday. He went to the store to go get some ham, but when he was going to his usual ham store he saw that it had been burnt down to the ground. He was sad that it was burnt down to the ground, but this dog saw a different ham store just two blocks away from where he was at the time. So he started walking to the new ham store he saw but when he got there he saw that it wasn’t ham, but it was beef and he was so sad that there were no more ham stores in town. He decided to try the beef for his birthday, so he bought the beef and headed home with it. When the dog got home he opened the beef and said that it smelled horrible, but he ignored it and put the beef on his cake and started to eat it and said it tasted alright. Then he heard a large bang and realized that he had been asleep the whole time and was just having a nightmare. When he awoke he saw that his owner brought home some ham from the ham store and the owner had put the ham on the small cake and cut it in half for the dog to eat one at time. That day the dog was happy that the ham store hadn’t burnt down on his birthday day. The day after the dogs birthday he was disowned because he had peed on the floor so then he was walking across the street but because he’s a dog and doesn’t how everything works he got runover and died at the age of 2.